Pharmacovigilance & Technovigilance


Pharmacovigilance is the science that supervises the safety of medicines where the main objective is to establish preventive measures in the rational use of medicines. We evaluate adverse reactions to medicine to determine its causality, frequency and severity.

An adverse reaction is any harmful and unintended response that appears after the use of a drug in humans.


Technovigilance is a set of activities that is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and disclosing information related to incidents that medical devices present, this has the purpose of protecting the health of all patients. It is constituted as a fundamental pillar in the evaluation to guarantee the safety of the use of these medical devices. The purpose of Technovigilance is to guarantee that medical devices available on the market function in the manner indicated according to the manufacturer’s intended use.

You can report an adverse reaction or incident that you have experienced while taking a medication or using a medical device from LABORATORIOS AMERICANOS SA. We are committed to collecting notifications of adverse reactions and incidents and, if applicable, reporting said information to the Health Authorities.

If you have experienced or think you may be experiencing an adverse reaction or adverse event, please consult your doctor.

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