Our commitment
will always be with you.

“We are a Peruvian company belonging to the Armejo Yepez Group”.




We are a pharmaceutical establishment that offers medicines and medical devices with high standards, making it possible for more people to access quality health.


Offer the best value proposition
in the health sector.



Comply with the obligations and commitments acquired in our organization and with the interested parties, with the best disposition and quality within the established term.


The truth is the basis of our expressions and actions so that our work and personal relationships unfold in an environment of trust, harmony, security and credibility.


Implies the ability to collaborate and cooperate with others, to be part of a team and work together, actively participating in the achievement of common goals.

Social Responsibility

Contribute to a fair, equitable society, free from discrimination and violence. As well as to contribute to the growth of citizens and the development of the country.

Integrated Management System Policy

Laboratorios Americanos SA is a pharmaceutical establishment that offers medicines and medical devices with high standards, always promoting continuous improvement, for which the organization is committed to:

  • Provide our Clients with Quality Products and Services that Satisfy their needs and expectations, and continuously improve our Integrated Management System.
  • Promote participation in activities against acts of violence, discrimination, bribery, and other acts of corruption inside and outside the organization, promoting the integrity of our collaborators based on values and compliance with the code of ethics.
  • Prohibit and prevent acts of bribery and other acts of corruption, violence, and discrimination, as well as promote the raising of concerns in good faith in confidence and without fear of retaliation.
  • Ensure compliance with current legislation, standards, requirements, and commitments of the Integrated Management System, as well as others that the organization subscribes to.

The Management Representative (DR) has the authority and independence to perform the function of anti-bribery compliance and other acts of corruption, because Senior Management grants him sufficient power for this purpose and because the RD is not personally involved in activities of the organization that are exposed to the risk of corruption.

Failure to comply with the provisions of this Policy is considered a serious offense and disciplinary measures will be applied in accordance with the Internal Work Regulations. If the breach involves an illegal activity, relevant legal and/or contractual measures will be taken as appropriate.

Our Commitment

In an effort to achieve the highest quality in all our products and services, we are committed to complying with the following points.

To be leaders in the markets in which we compete.

Offer products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers.

Stimulate the professional training and human development of our staff.